Science fiction escape room in Barcelona

a UNIQUE science fiction escape room

nominated for Best Original Escape Room IN THE COUNTRY! do you dare?

Escape Room in Barcelona? We offer two! At Escape Food 2050, aimed at adults, you just have to fill the cart and go through the checkout. Never will one purchase take you so far and have such an impact. Make no mistake, the future does not accept returns!

Do you want to play an escape room as a family or celebrate a children’s birthday party? The Escape Food Junior is perfect! Get into the spaceship, acquire superpowers and save the world!

from 2 to 6 people

Duration 60 minutes

+ 15 years (with adults)

A minimum of agility is required*

forbidden to enter ultra-processed

Catalan, English, Spanish

* A minimum of physical agility is required to get out of the Escape Room, but for people with reduced mobility or less agility, there is always a plan B. The game is suitable for a person with reduced mobility in each group If you are more, please contact us and we will find solutions. People first.


Escape Food 2050 is an escape room born from the Tomorrow / Fundesplai project. Along with the exhibition EAT, ACT, IMPACT , it wants to make us reflect on the great impact that the current food system has on the health of people and the planet.

Combine your game in the escape room with a ticket to the EAT, ACT, IMPACT exhibition, to amplify your experience and complete a day of total immersion in healthy and sustainable eating.